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Contact Your Elected Officials

Your government representatives need to hear from you about how vital restaurants are to your community.

Restaurants need assistance from all levels of government to succeed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is what you can ask for to save your favorite restaurants:

Federal: Restaurants need more industry-specific cash relief, which must come from the Federal government. Reach out to your U.S. elected officials to ask for additional restaurant-specific funding.

State: Ask your state officials to pass legislation that will increase restaurant revenue — including extending alcohol to go — and to consider the impacts each bill could have on restaurants.

Local: Ask your local officials to support increased revenue for restaurants, including managing third-party delivery services, allowing sales tax retention, and waiving license fees.

Help Us Get The Word Out

Post photos from your dining experiences on social media, being sure to tag the restaurant and CRA’s profile.

Please ensure you follow us and share our message on all social media platforms. We are consistently sharing pertinent updates and ways that people can assist our industry!


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